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May 2017, No. 83

Anguran Lead and Zinc Complex

An interview with Anguran Mineral Complex Managing Director Mansour Shabani:

Would you please briefly elaborate on the activities of Anguran Lead and Zinc Complex?

Operations of Anguran Lead and Zinc Mineral Complex are in three sections of open mine, underground mine (sulfur) and travertine construction stone. Extraction in the open mine includes collecting tailings and mineral extraction that is accomplished by the contractor and the extracted minerals would be delivered by the employer (Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company – IMPASCO) in the course of a special process to different factories for processing and producing ingots. The underground sector (sulfur) has been established in order to gain speedy access to the mineral substances in the lower parts of the mineral reserves. About 4200 meters different excavations had previously been made by the employer but continuation of the activity is conditioned on the completion of the preparations. Also, excavation of the mineral substance through tender has been ceded to the eligible contractor. The extracted mineral substance will be delivered to the employer in order to be handed over to the applicants through auction or the stock market.

The second mineral substance of Anguran Complex is travertine construction stone with a geological reserve of about 30 million tons and definitive reserve of over 14 million tons. The operation license has been maintained for the 14 million tons, and it is expected that annually 25 thousand tons will be extracted. The extraction and sale of the travertine construction stone is done by the contractor and the employer’s share will be paid by the contractor after the sale.

The lead and zinc soil of Anguran is solely supplied to the domestic factories and considering the capacities created and domestic needs there is no possibility for export but as for travertine, there is the possibility for export which, with regard to the type of the contract will be sold and exported by the contractor. 

What is the status and conditions of Anguran Lead and Zinc Complex with regard to foreign investment?

Due to dire need of the domestic market to mineral substances produced by this complex and valuable mining experience that has become endemic, attraction of foreign investment in the mining sector is not necessary at least under the present conditions but with regard to exploration, use of the potential of foreign companies active in the field of exploration and utilization of modern discovery methods can be considered in the complementary explorations as well as discoveries in the areas adjacent to Anguran. 

What proposals do you have for participation in international consortiums and Iran’s presence in neighboring countries?

Formation of an international consortium under the present conditions is out of the question for Anguran mine. As for the strategy defined by Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company based on the activity in the area of exploration of lead and zinc elements inside and outside the country, taking advantage of the experiences gained in Anguran mine to achieve the aforementioned strategy is possible. Therefore, the complex can participate in international consortiums in order to develop lead and zinc mines of the regional states such as Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Turkey. 

Would you please elaborate on cooperation with foreign and international companies?

Cooperation with foreign and international companies in the field of completing exploration in the mine and the adjacent areas has had justification and it is necessary to resume talks with renowned and expert companies in order to expedite implementation of the above-mentioned operations and taking advantage of modern exploration methods. Furthermore, in the field of sustainability studies of the mine walls and related monitoring and taking advantage of the updated experiences in this area, we need to communicate with foreign parties. 

Is there any possibility for export of technical and engineering services in your sector?

With regard to the experiences gained in this field, contractors and consultants active in mine have achieved significant capabilities. Meanwhile, experts of the employer sector have sufficient and updated information in the areas of exploration, design and extraction. Therefore, in case of presence in international market and support of relevant institutions, especially by insurance funds, there is the possibility to offer technical and engineering services. 

In line with the safety, health and environmental activities what macro measures have been taken?

In line with realization of safety, health and environment culture which has always been confirmed by the executive body, this complex has been successful in receiving ISO 14001, 9001and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

Anguran Lead and Zinc Mineral Complex

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  May 2017
No. 83