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October 2018, No. 89

Beautiful Teeth
Sweet Smiles

  • Distinguished members of foreign embassies in Tehran,

  • Honorable members of foreign commercial offices in Tehran,

  • Respectful foreign tourists in Iran and,

  • Iranians residing in remote corners of the world,

You have all being welcomed to the Clinic of Dr. Esmi and the Associates in Tehran, capital of Iran.

By applying the most advanced scientific methods, we will enable you to have beautiful teeth and sweet smiles.

During our lifetime, all of us have visited a dentist, at least, once. Good oral hygiene and prevention of caries would be the first and the most important step in dental care and and keeping teeth healthy. The teeth play critical role in our health and appearance, therefore if we don’t take the necessary sanitary precautions the ground will be provided for bacterial growth and eventual destroy of our teeth.

So, if we take the necessary sanitary precautions and visit a dentist on a regular basis, we will be aware of the minor cavities and we can use the suitable and protective treatments in order to save our teeth.

However, in case of dental diseases, there are different treatment methods which are as follows:

Restorative Dentistry: Restorative Dentistry refers to the elimination of the infected dental tissues and replacement by dental materials in order to maintain the sanitary and durability of the teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry: A beautiful smile is considered to be a key element that not only affects one’s appearance, but also increases his/her self-confidence and improves social relations. Treatment of mal-shaped or mal-sized teeth, deviation of tooth midlines, teeth asymmetry, discoloration, smile line design, crowding, fractured teeth, etc., are considered among the issues that would be treated by Aesthetic Dentistry through the best possible shape and the least possible time.

Endodontics: In case of bacterial progression into the deeper dental tissues like dental nerves, Endodontic therapy is needed. Otherwise, the infection will proceed to the jaw bone through mouth cavity and the treatment will become more complicated.

Dental Implant: Dental Implant is a metal element usually made of titanium that is normally placed in the alveolar bone socket instead of extracted root. Then the missed tooth will be built up by a prosthetic crown in the oral cavity.

Prosthodontics: There are various methods to replace missed teeth. Prosthodontics and Dental Implantation are two of the most important methods. If the edentulous area is between the treated abutments, it's better to solve the problem through fixed prosthesis method. However, if the teeth in this area look sounds, it's better to prevent them from any other damages and replace the missed teeth by the implantation of a titanium fixture. This method is also known as «Dental Implant».

Periodontics: In a normal condition, a healthy gingiva is firm with pink color and no sign of bleeding; «Gingivitis» is called when the dental plaques (including food residues, microbes and mucosa) accumulate on the gingival margin and cause gingival inflammation, bleeding and halitosis.

If the plaques are not cleaned using brush and dental floss on a regularly daily basis, they will get harder and thicker gradually. Calculus is a form of hardened dental plaque which cause gingival disease and bone destruction (periodontitis).

Just like our team!

In Dr. Esmi’s dental center, specialists in different fields of dentistry are ready to render and provide the required services to the visitors by using the best modern and scientific treatment methods.

Our services include: Aesthetic and restorative practices, smile design, prosthetics, implant, endodontic therapy, periodontal therapy and maxillofacial surgery. Such services are provided by professional dentists and an experienced team.

As smile design is a very professional and scientific dental technique, you had better choose experienced and skillful experts.

My professional team and I do the best and try to render the most qualitative dental services to all fellow-Iranians and foreign tourists at the shortest possible time.

Office Address: No. 472, After Saraf alley,

Kolahdooz (Dolat) Street, Shariati Ave., Tehran - Iran

Tel: (021) 22603076, 22601743

Instagram: Dr.fateme.esmi


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  October 2018
No. 89