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May 2017, No. 83

Central Alborz Coal Company


The history of exploration operations in the Central Alborz region which occupies an area of over 30 thousand square km in Mazandaran Province dates back to some 81 years ago. The initial exploration activities in this expanded region took place underwater in 1314 (1935) at the time of construction of the nationwide railways which led to the exploitation of Kanij Kola mine and subsequently another exploration operation was conducted in the aforementioned region which ultimately resulted in the exploitation of parts of Karmozd mine in 1350 (1971).

Central Alborz Coal Company:  Present and Future

The Central Alborz Coal Company is one of the largest producers of concentrated coking coal in the country. In line with its activities, the company in addition to producing coking coal from its mines is currently purchasing raw coking coal from the private sector mines and after processing in the coal washing plant and turning it into concentrated coal transports it to Isfahan Steel Mill and Zarand Coking Plant through the nationwide railroad and road transportation networks. The company intends to produce 120 thousand tons of coking coal concentrate annually and take measures for the export of coking coal through companies having sufficient experience in this filed.

In line with the plans for development of Central Alborz mines, implementation of exploration projects in the coal rich region of Central Alborz, ranging from Firouzkuh up to Haraz Road, equipping Kordabad and Goliran coal mines as well as  establishment of Savadkuh Coal Washing Plant, coking plant and heat recovery power plant in Mazandaran are on the agenda of the Central Alborz Coal Company with the coordination of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company.

Angles of Cooperation with Companies and Attraction of Foreign Investment

In line with the improvement of environmental issues and boost in efficiency, the technical knowledge of the creditable FLS Company has been used in Savadkuh Coal Washing Plant. In addition, the company has supplied the largest part of the foreign equipment required. Installation of the equipment and cold and warm operations of the plant have also been conducted in the presence of the company’s supervisors.

In the area of coking, the technical knowledge of CMC Company of China has been used. The Kani Kavan Shargh Company, in a contract with the above-mentioned company in EPCF form and by using foreign investment is constructing the Savadkuh Coking Plant.

Given that bloc 9 of Goliran mines has the capacity of mechanized extraction, the Central Alborz Coal Company by employing Ukrainian experts after completion of the studies, has implemented the initial design for extraction of 150 thousand tons annually. The tender for the complete design of the mine is also underway.

Valuable Safety, Health and Environmental Measures

  • Construction of the buffer dam for preventing entry of waste into the river adjacent to the site

  • Establishment of Savadkuh Coal Washing Plant which through using modern technology has led to reduced production of waste and residue 

  • Active presence in international environmental exhibitions over the past several years and implementation of relevant programs by preserving sustainable development in the company

  • Receiving ISO 18001-14001-9001 certificates

Central Alborz Coal Company


Address: Km 185, Savadkuh Rd., Opposite Savadkuh Road Traffic Police,
Savadkuh, Mazandaran.

Postal Code: 4791646498

Tel: ++98 1142424001-4

Fax: ++98 1142424006





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  May 2017
No. 83