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May 2017, No. 83

Iran Mineral Processing Research Center (IMPRC)


Iran Mineral Processing Research Center (IMPRC) is located in Kavosh research complex, 60 km west of Tehran in Karaj-Ghazvin freeway.

The main objective of IMPRC is to overcome such problems as well as expanding the processing industry both in quality and quantity level with the latest equipment in chemistry, mineralogy, processing and environmental technology, modern pilot facility.

The laboratories of the Center achieved ISO/IEC 17025 standards. The environmental and occupational health and safety labs are accredited by Iran Department of Environment (DoE).

IMPRC is registered as the mineral processing research labs of all ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization) member states, and is the only mining and mineral industry lab, recognized by the national nanotechnology network (Nano-net labs) of Iran. In addition, IMPRC is ready to provide high standard services to mining industries of the country and the region.


The overall objectives of the center are as follows:

  •  Undertaking industrial research on minerals and providing technical services to mining industry and associated economic sectors.

  •  Carrying out industrial research on minerals to convert raw materials to processed ore supply for industry via lab and bench scale methods, semi industrial tests (pilot), and the most importantly to prepare industrial flow sheet for different types of metal and non-metal minerals

  •  Providing lab. services in all fields of mineral industry

  •  Creating specialized clinic for mines and mining industries, offering consultancy services in mineral processing activity fields and problem solving to industries and individuals

  •  Considering a variety of minerals, IMPRC activities are almost associated with processing all types of minerals, metals, non-metals, valuable minerals and coal


IMPRC consists of four major divisions including:

  •  Mineral Processing

  •  Mineral Processing Pilot Plant

  •  Mineral Processing Lab

  •  Environmental & Occupational Health Lab

  •  Chemistry Lab

  •  Mineralogy Lab

Overall Activities in IMPRC Units

  • Consulting services in mineral processing field

  • Feasibility and processing studies of rare earth elements

  • Preliminary and detailed studies and identifying minerals in samples

  • Analysis of ore and geochemical of sample ore

  • Identification and control of environmental parameters and work place dangers

Pilot Plant

IMPRC Pilot Plant is world class, state-of-art facilities and infrastructures with up to 2 t/h capacity, covering 7500 square meters of space area for conducting tests on ferrous, non-ferrous ores, coal and industrial minerals and rocks 

Technical and Engineering Unit

The objective of this unit is Leading in localizing the mining industry equipment.

Activities of technical and engineering unit can be briefed as follows:

  • Designing and manufacturing, reverse engineering and consulting services to the mining industry in these fields

  • Technology development of mineral processing mobile units by using gravity method in small-scale mining

  • Mobile crushing units equipped with load recycling

  • Manufacturing of variety of mixers, flotation cells, dewatering, and filtration equipment

  • Creating the technical knowledge of industrial and pilot scale manufacture of magnetic separation

  • Manufacture of crushing and grinding equipment with the highest quality indices

  • Redesign and optimization of heavy media cyclone separator unit

  • Redesign and manufacture of various water pumps

  • Design, construction and operation of Sefidabeh-Nehbandan antimony production units

  • Holding specialized training courses of various mineral processing equipment

  • Consultation, design, construction, installation, and commissioning of equipment

IMPRC Current Activities 

  • Technology development of flotation mobile units application in small-scale mining

  • Study of environmental pollutants and preparation of database and environmental software.

  • Chemistry, mineralogy, and mineral processing studies on exploration samples

  • Processing and feasibility studies of rare earth elements

  • Design and construction of bench and pilot scale paste thickener

  • Designing semi-industrial experiment of cadmium and zinc extraction from available filter cake in the country

  • Chemistry, mineralogy and processing studies on IMIDRO exploration samples

  • Environmental assessment of xanthite using in flotation method

  • Identifying and technical feasibility of the extraction of rare earth elements and titanium from red mud of Jajarm bauxite plant on laboratory scale

  • Processing studies on Mehdiabad mine zinc and lead oxide samples

  • Research studies and processing and laboratory analysis services on Zarshuran gold

  • Construction of rare earth elements pilot plant

  • Processing studies of bitumen in Kermanshah Province

  • Memorandum of cooperation with South Africa Mintek Company

  • Memorandum of cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland

  • Memorandum of cooperation with BGRIMM Research Institute of China

  • 1st international mineral processing activists symposium (IMPAS 2016)

  • 3rd workshop of iron ore and base metals processing (ECO Experts)

  • Memorandum of cooperation with German GIZ company and training courses for Afghan mining trainees


  • Advanced knowledge, capable of producing science and technology, relies on the contribution of human resources and social capital in national production

  • Achieve first place in economic, science and technology in the region

  • Constructive and effective interaction with the world and regional countries

  • Presence among five similar centers from around the world and known as a hub of research and development of advanced technologies for processing and extraction of minerals in the region based on Visions 1404

Certificates and Permits

  • ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation.

  • ISO/9001–2008.

  • Research permit from the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.

  • Accredited laboratory certification from the Iranian Department of Environment.

  • Health workplaces permit from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

  • A verified competence certificate from Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran.

Iran Mineral Processing Research Center

IMPRC, Kavosh reseach town, Kavosh Blv., 9 Km Qazvin / Karaj Freeway, Iran

Tel: 0098 26 92108361-71           Fax: 0098 26 92108360                                                 E-mail:


IMIDRO Projects from Exploration

to Exploitation of Rare Earth Elements in Iran

The “Rare Earth Elements Project” was launched in July 2014 with the aim of identifying the potential capabilities and resources and indigenizing the production technology of these elements in light of the development standpoints of the Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) in the mine industry and approval of IMIDRO managing director. The executive activities of the project are being carried out in two fields: 


Exploration of rare earth elements was carried out in an area of 24000 sq. km in central Iran. As a result, two promising zones with a total area of about 900 sq. km region in east of Bafq (Yazd Province) has the highest reserves of rare earth elements in the area under exploration.

Meanwhile, identification operations in Sangan region (in Khorasan Razavi Province) confirmed nine promising mining areas and at present exploration plan of these nine areas has been put on the agenda of “Rare Earth Elements Project”.

With respect to the above mentioned studies, it seems that in Iran the rare earth elements ore bodies also contains iron and phosphate minerals as well as radioactive elements and once the total rare earth elements are extracted in the processing studies, the concentrate of REEs oxide would gain double value added. 

Mineral processing studies

The rare earth elements extraction project was studies at laboratory scale in central Iran Zone in 2016 at the Iran Mineral Processing Research Center (IMPRC) by using the IMIDRO research sources and in cooperation with Indian company possessing the relevant technical know- how.

Consequently, As a result of research and study at laboratory scale, the concentrate of REEs oxide and mish metal bullion comprising four rare earth elements of cerium (Cr), lanthanum (La), neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr) could successfully produced at IMPRC on February 28, 2016.


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  May 2017
No. 83