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May 2017, No. 83

Introducing Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex

Mines under the coverage of Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex

Chah Gaz Iron Ore Mines

Chah Gaz iron ore mines are located in the geographical coordinates of 5 29 55 eastern and 26 05 32 northern. The mines are located at 75 km from the city of Bafq. The total reserves are 83,100,000 tons and average iron alloy is 16.53% that is concentrated in the two almost parallel eastern and western masses. The total extraction volume is 6,471,877 cubic meters, the amount of extracted iron ore is 272,911 cubic meters and the volume of tailings is 6,198,966 cubic meters. It should be noted that with the operation of mobile stone-crusher in the mine, so far over 120,000 tons of granulated iron ore have been produced.

The most important activities implemented in Chah Gaz iron ore mines:

  • Construction of administrative, residential and welfare establishments at the mine precinct in an area of 3300 square meters

  • Signing contract for asphalting Bafq-Chah Gaz connection road with a length of 65 km

  • Conducting technical and economic studies for the plan to produce 1 million tons of granulated iron ore and 2 million tons of concentrates per year

  • Conducting feasibility studies for the construction of Chah Gaz iron ore processing plant

  • Construction of 200-ton storage house for explosive materials

  • Possibility for establishing mobile phone, telephone and Internet connection in Chah Gaz region

  • Installation and operation of mobile stone-crusher with a production capacity of 700,000 tons per year

  • Selection of green space consultant in Chah Gaz site

  • Construction of 5.2 km access road to the main stone-crusher

Mishdavan Iron Ore Mine

The plan for developing capacity for granulated iron ore in Mishdavan mine with an aim of extracting iron ore for the production of 600 thousand tons of granulated iron ore has been implemented by Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company. The executive activity of the plan started in 1385 (2006-2007) and it was officially inaugurated in the month of Azar 1387 (November/October 2008). Some 541 million tomans from internal resources have been invested for the operation of the plan and with its inauguration job opportunities have been provided directly for 170 and indirectly for 750 people.

Mishdavan Iron Ore Mine is located 30 km north of the city of Bafq in Yazd Province. The geographical longitude of the mine is 51 30 55 degrees east and latitude of 45 50 31 degrees north.

The access road to the mine is the 30 km asphalted Bafq-Behabad road and the exclusive 8 km mine road. It should be noted that Bafq-Mashhad railway passes from the north of the mine.

The systematic exploration operations of this anomaly started in 1969-1970 with the implementation of the magnetism and gravity operations and preparation of geological maps at the scale of 1:10,000 and in 1976 with the overview of geophysical maps and preparation of geological map 1:5,000, measures were taken for the implementation of magnetism operations, digging of 12 exploratory trenches and 5 exploratory boreholes in a span of 755 meters.

The amount of reserves in Mishdavan mines in 1385 (2006/2007) in the three eastern, western and central sections was 11,754,000 tons of low alloy and rich in phosphor iron ore with the average iron alloy of 49%. 

Crushing and Granulating Plant

In this complex, the crushing and granulating plant has been installed together with the high-grade system of magnet separator and with the production capacity of 250 tons per hour has become operational since late 1386 (2008).

Northern A1 Anomaly Mine

The A1 anomaly (northern) is located 25 km from the city of Bafq with the geographical coordinates of northern latitude of 06 46 31and eastern longitude of 12 26 55. The height from the sea level is 1150 to 1200 meters, and the area has dry and desert climate.

The initial exploratory studies of the deposit were conducted by West German experts in 1960-61. The resultant iron reserve which was calculated up to a depth of 600 meters is over 256 million tons with an average alloy of 47.28.

This anomaly became operational on 1391/4/24 (24 June 2012).

The total amount of extraction is 2,114,270 cubic meters of which 1,847,460 cubic meters is tailing and 266,810 cubic meters iron ore.

Given that the use of Ukraine technology is being considered in this mine and the prerequisite is to have the input feed of 35%, therefore the aforementioned iron ore should be mixed with iron ore of Zaghiha in order to supply the appropriate feed for the mentioned plant. It should be noted that in this plan with the feeding of ore with an alloy of 35%, the sponge iron and concentrates will be produced and its technical and economic studies are underway. 

Zaghiha Mines Complex

The Zaghiha mines complex is comprised of the three anomalies (A2, C2 and anomaly 4) with the geological reserve of 50 million tons of iron ore with the average alloy of 30%.

The anomaly A2 is located 8 km from the city of Bafq. The coordinates of this anomaly are 15 38 31 and 28 28 55.

Excavation operations started on 14th Mordad 1391 (4 August 2012).

The total amount of extractions has been 1,637,201 cubic meters, including 312,323 cubic meters of iron ore and 1,324,878 cubic meters of tailings. With regard to the proposed plan extraction operations of phase 1 ended in late Farvardin 1392 (April 2013).

In 1391 (2012/2013) a mobile stone crusher machine with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons was installed and became operational with a crushing volume of over 150,000 tons despite being in the testing and initial operation stage.

It should be noted that part of the extracted iron ore has been directly granulated and another part will be consumed with the stone extracted from the northern anomaly mine for production of the usable feed in the proposal presented on the basis of the Ukrainian technology.   

Chah-Basheh Anomaly Iron Ore

The exploratory limits of Chah-Basheh are located 47 km from the city of Naein, 120 km from the city of Yazd. Chah-Basheh mines are under excavation and measures taken so far are survey and study, preparation of map by using aerial pictures, picking up all the geological complications and all parts of the deposits containing iron, sampling and analyzing samples and designing optimum pit in accordance with geometric specifications and locating the accumulation place of tailings and minerals. It should be noted that construction of the access road and implementing further exploration of the mine are under way.

Anomaly A5 Iron Ore

The total amount of extraction is over 266,275 cubic meters of which 253,570 cubic meters is tailings and the volume of extracted iron ore is 12,705 cubic meters.

This anomaly is located in the geographical coordinates of 30 55 55 eastern and 05 41 31 northern. The iron ore of this anomaly is concentrated in the three separate eastern, central and western masses.

The equipment and exploitation operation of this anomaly has been started since Esfand 1390 (February/March 2012) and the amount extracted is as follows:

At present due to lack of consistency of the model block with the actual mass, the supplementary exploration of this anomaly is under survey.

In the Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex, after holding of the tender, the contractor will be selected and the contract will be signed for the crushing, granulating and high grading, and production in the two forms of coarse-grain in 10-30 mm and fine-grain in 0-10 mm. The iron alloy of the products is changing in the range of 60 to 62 percent and the sale of the product is through presentation in the commodity exchange.

With regard to the sale or export of the product, the complex has no direct activity. The buyer companies after purchasing products presented in the commodity exchange will receive the iron ore in consideration from the sellers and with the help of road trailers or railroad wagons will transfer the iron ore to the outgoing destinations and ports and then will take action for their export. Any negotiations and correspondence for the purchase of the products are held in IMPASCO and IMIDRO.  

Respect for the Environment

The Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex in 1393 (2014-2015) embarked on the construction of a training, research and protection institute of habitats in the Central Plateau of Iran. This was done in line with interaction with the environment and improvement of the status of protection of biodiversity of the area and helping survival of the Asian Cheetah species and conducting research on co-habitat species in the Central Plateau. This building which is located in the prohibited hunting zone of Ariz and 14 km from Chah Gaz Iron Ore Mine, occupies an area of 245 square meters with an under construction area of 205 square meters and a yard of 40 square meters with horizontal and vertical chaining, crossbar roof, a suite, a management room, and a room for resting together with storage, equipped kitchen, and parking. Among the facilities of the center its power, water, telephone and Internet system can be mentioned. To build and equip the center, the Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex has made an investment of over 500 million tomans. 

Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mining Complex

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  May 2017
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