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May 2017, No. 83

Jalalabad Zarand Iron Ore Complex

Seyed Farhad Eslami, Managing Director of Jalalabad Zarand Iron Ore Complex

Geographical Situation

Jalalabad Zarand Iron Ore Complex, located 35 km northwest of the city of Zarand in Kerman Province, is among the major iron ore reserves of Iran. 

Specifications of the Reserve 

The existing reserve of the iron ore mine in Jalalabad is estimated at about 191.5 million tons, with the following specifications: FeO 16.9% - S 1.37% -     P 0.067% - Fe 4.037%.

Iron ore extraction in 1395 (2016/2017) was over 1,745 million tons and more than 1.1 million tons of granulated iron ore were produced. The complex has created direct job opportunities for 619 people and indirect employment for 350 people. 

Construction of Low Alloy Hematite Iron Ore Processing Plant 

After holding the bid for inviting investors, Fakoor Sanat Company was granted the license to build a plant for processing low alloy hematite iron ore with a capacity of 600 thousand tons of concentrates. The plant was constructed by January 2017 and is now under operation. So far, over 25,000 tons of concentrates with an alloy of 66.5% has been produced at the plant. This project is one of the high-grade projects of IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization) in line with increasing the efficiency and optimum use of the resources and reserves of the country. 

Products and Supply Process 

The complex supplies the steel industry with its products including different types of granulated and lump iron ore.

Jalalabad has undertaken the responsibility of providing the feed for MIDHCO (Middle East Mines Industries Development Holding Company) and Fakoor Sanat Company and supplies various products to the industry.

Meanwhile, the complex has obtained evidence indicating existence of valuable elements and compounds in its deposits, tailings and low alloy products and is working on their full identification, percentage of abundance, methods of extraction, technical and economic justifications and attraction of investors.

In addition, the complex has received international readiness and proposals for presenting its products at the stock and international markets which are warmly welcomed by the complex in case the relevant permits are issued. 

Opportunities for Attraction of Foreign Investment 

With regard to the great potentials in the field of existence of other non-ferrous metals in Jalalabad iron ore deposit and the initial measures that have been taken, an appropriate ground has been created in the complex for the attraction of foreign investors to complete technical studies and construct factories for processing mineral substances and extraction of other metals.

In this regard, the complex has recently announced its readiness for the implementation and completion of studies and research works on the mineral substances existing in Jalalabad deposit, low alloy products and wastes with cooperation of a French university and is in the process of exchanging proposals on the aforementioned memorandum of understanding.

The complex is hoping that through full technical review the possibility will be created for presentation of processing and extraction methods of elements along with tailings and low alloy products and grounds would be prepared for attraction of foreign investors for the construction and operation of producing plants in the region.

To this end, Jalalabad Iron Ore Complex is prepared to offer any existing infrastructure and facilities for realization of the targets for organizational excellence and international interactions and will exert utmost efforts to prepare an appropriate ground for international investment.  

Attending International Consortiums 

Jalalabad Iron Ore Complex by taking advantage of great potentials in technical knowhow such as possessing skilled engineers and experts, effective and relevant training as well as technical communication with other units, complexes and companies operating under IMIDRO is ready to participate in international consortiums and hosting such events.

Jalalabad Zarand Iron Ore Complex has launched its activities by employing young staff and experts for implementation of modern methods in mining and processing of mineral substances under the supportive cover of experienced and veteran persons. During its lifetime, the complex has also taken comprehensive measures for the promotion of its technical knowhow and completion of higher education of the staff. The company, under the leadership of IMIDRO, strongly feels that it is ready for technical cooperation and interaction with international companies and supply technical and engineering services to other countries.

The existence and activation of Jalalabad deposit as well as equipment and production of different iron ore products needed by the steel industry has prepared the ground in the region in a way that today we are witnessing growing enthusiasm from investors to construct and operate plants for production of concentrates, pellets and steel with outstanding capacity in the neighborhood of the complex. This measure has a significant and increasing effect on the production cycle of the steel industry and on economic dynamism of this country. 

Health, Safety and Environment 

Jalalabad Iron Ore Complex through implementation of 800 person/hour of specialized HSE training over the past years has managed to reduce the accident severity and frequency rates. Also, the number of working days lost due to the accidents has been reduced from 13 days in 1394 (2015/2016) to 3 days in 1395 (2016/2017) which is a remarkable cut.

In order to improve the environment, the green space has been expanded by cultivation of 1300 trees in 1395 (2016/2017).

Meanwhile, the complex has succeeded in obtaining ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standard certificates.

Jalalabad Zarand Iron Ore Complex

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  May 2017
No. 83