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May 2017, No. 83

Joghatay Ferrochrome Plant

Joghatay Ferrochrome Plant was established in the city of Joghatay, in Khorassan Razavi Province, in 2004 with the aim of creating jobs as well as added value for the rich chromite deposits in the region.

The plant, with a nominal production capacity of 25,000 tons of high carbon ferrochrome annually, is the only alloy producer in the country. Utilizing best equipment and relying on domestic knowhow, it has the potential to fully meet the needs of the country’s steelmakers.

Trusting the quality of its product that is compatible with the international standards, Joghatay plant exported 11,823 tons of ferrochrome to the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Turkey, China, India and some other countries in 2015 and 2016, valued at 14,000,000 US dollars.

Over the past year, efforts have been made to get the analysis of the product closer to the desires of steelmakers. It has also been tried to produce ferrochrome with an average 60 to 65 percent of chrome and below 2 percent of Si so that a major step would be taken toward improving the quality of the country’s steel industry as the final consumer.

In addition to producing high-carbon ferrochrome, Joghatay plant is also engaged in research projects, the results of which are reduced consumption of energy and raw materials that are required for high-carbon ferrochrome production per ton and ultimately reduce the cost of the final product and also recover valuable elements.

Some of these research projects have been examined for the first time in the complex, including: A plan to produce briquette of chromite fines with the aim of chromite fines recovery, implemented in 2015, project to extract magnesium and aluminum from ferrochrome slag through acid leaching process, and plan to separate ferrochrome from slag by magnet separators.

Meanwhile, considering the infrastructure facilities in the plant, such as land, water, equipment, stone crusher, and human resource, the plant has the potential to build ferro-manganese and ferrosilicon furnaces in the factory.

Once attention is paid to these facts, it is possible to create jobs and bring about profitability with less investment. The complex also plans, with timely supply of raw materials, to provide the possibility of increasing capacity and thereby reduce the cost of production. Among the measures taken in the field of environment is the launching of dust collector system with an investment of about 10 billion rials, a project that is about to become operational soon.

Joghatay Ferrochrome Plant

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  May 2017
No. 83