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May 2017, No. 83

Khur-O Biabanak Potash Complex is a national developmental project belongs to the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization which Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company is known as its executive system. This complex was the outcome of inspecting and through exploring potash project (from 1989 to 1996) which was done by the country’s Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration Organization and has been carried out in the Eastern part of Khur-O Biabanak town (Isfahan province).

The size of the mine area (Khur playa) is over 2,000 square kilometers and its extractable brine reserve is estimated over 450 million cubic meters and considering new exploration results, such extractable reserves is experiencing the quantity enhancement of  about one billion cubic meters and accordingly resulted in remarkable more plant longevity. The existing brine latent in playa which is collected through channels and wells, with the size of 15 million cubic meters per year, is transferred to the evaporation pools with the capacity of 13 square kilometers which falls into three following products after brine evaporation in the pools:

  •  The production of 340.000 tons of carnallite (annual potash plant feed) with the purity of 95 percent from which 50.000 tons of potash will be produced as chemical fertilizer after processing.

  •  The production of 3 million tons of salt with the average purity of 95% which besides its industrial consumption it is applied in melting down the snow as well as ice roads in winter.

  •  The production of 1.5 million tons of saturated solution of calcium and magnesium chlorides which is offered to the consumption market as a solution for soil stabilization and dust control (SSR400) and also snow melting and De-icing materials whilst the minerals processing of such solution is one of the potash complex developmental projects.

Investment Potentials at Potash Complex Developmental Projects

Existing numerous minerals in brine and also valuable compounds in the available effluents (solar evaporation pools and potash plant) have caused that many developmental projects with economic justification be defined aiming at investing by the government in such projects and gaining the possibility of private investor absorption to put them into action.

1. The project of increasing the capacity of both mine and potash plant up to 100.000 tons per year

2. The project of construction of calcium chloride plant capable of sustaining the production rate of 30.000 tons per year

3. The project of construction of different kinds of dietary, edible and pharmaceutical salt plant capable of sustaining the production rate of 20.000 tons per year

4. The project of construction of potassium sulfate plant capable of sustaining the production rate of 20.000 tons per year

5. The project of construction of potassium nitrate extraction plant

6. The project of construction of magnesium hydroxide plant capable of sustaining the production rate of 15.000 tons per year.

7. Potash Complex Tourism Comprehensive Plan

The development of ecotourism in potash complex can be resulted in employment of many, such as, development of crafts, salt-dependent industries, tourism, catering, and transportation. In this way, not only would complex and region’s economic conditions be done an about turn but also the social circumstances of the region would be ameliorated due to tourists’ inundation.

On the other hand, “such industry as the green one”, does not contaminate the environment.

Khur-O Biabanak Potash Complex is located in the main road of Isfahan to Khorasan enjoyed by resplendent landscapes, ecological attractions, starry sky, rich mines of salt and also an area covered by salt with meritoriously positive effect on myriad of diseases and created special attraction to choose this site as one of the potash complex developmental projects.

Potash Complex Tourism Developmental Projects in the region are as follows:

1. Salty waterfall in the heart of the desert

2. Salty suites residence

3. Salty bathroom

4. Swimming pools in brine

5. Rooms for salting therapy

6. Salty park

7. Observatory

8. Desert safari and hiking

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  May 2017
No. 83