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May 2017, No. 83

Mohammad Ashofteh Ajbisheh, Managing Director

Thanks to vast investment privileges, economic incentives and its crucial role in national industrial development, Lamerd special economic zone on the southern part of Fars Province is a real investment heaven.

Rich mining resources, vast mineral substances, newly explored sweet gas in Tabnak region, Shanol, Homa & Varavy, being in vicinity of the country’s energy zone, cement factory and other important factors such as expert labor force, native inhabitants’ positive attitude on investment, easy access to transportation roads and design & procurement of required infrastructure would convince each and every cost/benefit expert investor to participate in the most profitable and risk free economic activity in the zone for settlement and development of industrial facilities.

The vast diversity of provisioned industries in Lamerd Special Economic Zone indicates the fact that through settlement of industries and due to alignment of a variety of activities, the cost of project execution would stay at an acceptable level and this land of production and export would become a paradise for local and foreign investors.

Aluminum and its related downstream industries, cement, magnesium, combined cycle power plant, as well as downstream steel and especially petrochemical industries are just a portion of provisioned industries for the region. Currently South Aluminum project is active as one of the approved projects.

The South Aluminum complex with a production capacity of 300,000 tons for its first phase trough joint venture with a foreign party, three projects of magnesium bullion with a capacity of 30,000 ton/year, steel commodity production of 22,000 ton/year, Ghadir combined cycle power plant with a capacity to generate 1000MW of electricity and a natural gas condensate refinery with 1000 barrel/day are among approved projects. These units have received establishment license in the zone and are at the stage of site equipment and infrastructure construction.

In addition we should mention the G.L.T unit with a capacity of 3,000 petrol, gas oil, and kerosene.

Lamerd international airport in the vicinity of Persian Gulf international airport in Assaluyeh, its neighborhood with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, vicinity of ports and the facilities of Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, procurement of water & electricity, complete settlement of telecommunications and other required infrastructures for industrial constructions, availability of flat lands with no need to spend huge budget for land grading and other accessibilities are among the privileges of this strategic industrial zone.

Necessary infrastructures for investors’ engagement in Lamerd Special Economic Zoon are ready and the authorities would support and cooperate with open arms with investors in this regard.

“Thanks to the political openings in the international arena, the number of applicants for investment has recorded a significant growth so much so that the local authorities by observing professional principles and environmental values would take action for striking deals and ceding land for the establishment of industries in the shortest possible time.”

“Lamerd Special Economic Zone while participating in different international exhibitions for the presentation of the unique capabilities of this region has taken measures which have resulted in introduction of Lamerd as one of the most important economic and industrial centers of the country and this issue has been repeatedly stressed by senior managers.”


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  May 2017
No. 83