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May 2017, No. 83

Mouteh Gold Complex

Archaeologists believe that gold in Iran had been used from the third millennium BC to make ornamental objects. Some of the objects have been discovered in archeological excavations and have been mentioned in historical texts; in Iran gold and silver are also found on which works were done in the past. Shah Abbas (5th Safavid Shah of Iran) was also eager to extract these metals but since their costs were higher than the income, he changed his mind.

Sir John Chardin (French jeweler and traveler) has also referred to the gold mines near Tabriz and written that the idea of their extraction had been shelved simply because the costs would be higher than the benefit.

In Qajar era, and especially at the time of Amir Kabir, measures were taken for the exploitation of gold mines and Mouteh gold mine located near Delijan (Markazi Province) became operational in that period.

After the Constitution, the privilege for Astaneh (Arak) gold mine, in Azna River, was entrusted to people (in the lunar calendar year 1328), but no result was achieved out of it. Jean Jacques de Demorgan (French mining engineer, geologist and archeologist) in his report of scientific mission to Iran wrote about the gold: “Naturally, gold in Iran is not little; it is found in some rivers of Kurdestan, Khorasan and Qaradaghi near Aras.” However, he has written nothing about their operation.

But today; annually about 4 tons of gold are being produced in Iran and according to the 20-year Vision Plan of Iran, in Horizon 2025 gold production will reach 5 tons per year. Realization of this target is among the plans of the government of ‘prudence and hope’ and it is hoped that with the implementation of the plans under preparation we will surpass the target and before 2025 we will reach the production capacity of 8 tons per year.

Introducing Mouteh Gold Complex

Mouteh Gold Complex is the first producer of gold ingots located in the northwest of the village of Mouteh, in Barkhar and Meymeh City in Isfahan Province.

According to the Complex Managing Director Mr. Alireza Talari, the main activity of the mine practically started from the calendar year 1336 (1957-58) by Iran General Mine Joint Stock Company and in 1369 (1990/1991) the contract for the establishment of the factory was signed with BHP Company of Australia and in the calendar month of Khordad (May/June) 1372 (1993/1994), the company began extraction of gold. He said the identified deposits of the Mouteh area were more than 9 anomalies with a span of 150 square km which are extracted in the open-surface stair method.

The Mouteh Gold Factory with a nominal capacity of daily 600 tons is composed of four sections:

1. Grinding

2. Erosion

3. Leaching

4. Gold room

At present, this complex produces 300 kg of pure gold annually, said the MD, adding that the product of this complex is gold bullion with 999 purity standard and a weight of 1000 grams which is supplied to the market via the commodity stock exchange. The complex also owns the permit of bullion standard sign awarded by Iran Standard Organization.

 One of the projects of Mouteh Gold Complex is extraction of gold from unused old dams which through modern technology can generate best efficiency, he said. Therefore, he noted, this complex is ready to hold talks with foreign investor companies and technology owners in this regard.

Another angle for cooperation with foreign and international companies in the opinion of the complex chief, is the modern exploration and production methods in the field of gold – production of ingots with an alloy of 999.9 and apparent changes in accordance with the Swiss ingots and more productivity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Talari said, the complex has the capacity of exporting technical and engineering services in the field of exploration, extraction and processing and can offer services to companies active in the region with highly reasonable and balanced costs.

Valuable Safety, Health, Environment Measures

Among valuable safety, health, and environment measures, he referred to the construction of the tailings dam with high capacity and fully isolated, as well as harness and control of penetrating materials into the underground water, and control of the majority of pollutants including dust and different gases caused by chemicals and acids. In addition, he said, development of the green space and building of greenhouse with a span of 500 square meters for conducting research and providing resistant seedlings for the revival of the ecosystem of the region and effective measures in the field of preservation and protection of the health of workforce can also be mentioned.

R&D and Standards Unit

The managing director further noted: “Mouteh Gold Complex by taking advantage of the expert personnel in the unit through implementation of 10 applied research projects and publication of 8 international ISI articles in the field of promulgation of science throughout the country under subjects such as environment and modern technology has been active and in this regard has achieved the following honors:

  • Receiving R&D license from 1391 (2012/2013) up to now

  • Accreditation of qualification of standard partner laboratory (NACI-P13) since 1387 (2008/2009) up to now

  • License for application of product standard logo since 1387 (2008/2009) up to now

  • Exemplary production unit of Isfahan Province in 1388 (2009/2010)

  • Exemplary research and development unit of Isfahan Province Industry, Mine and Trade Department, in 1389 (2010/2011)

  • Top research unit of the year 1391 (2012/2013) of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO)

  • Certificate of integrated management in the field of environment ISO 14001, employment health OHSAS18001, and production quality ISO 9001 since 1382 (2003/2004) up to now

  • Iran’s Top R&D Unit in 1395 (2016/2017)

  • Exemplary Standard Production Unit in Isfahan Province in 1395 (2016/2017)

The existing facilities in the unit in addition to the expert and committed personnel include laboratory circuit and equipped pilot for conducting research processes in the field of grinding, erosion, flotation and leaching.

Electrical and chemical filtration and recovery take place with the purpose of producing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper and nickel, selenium, titanium, etc., and research in the field of reducing environment pollution with the most advanced global and national technical and engineering standards.

Mouteh Gold Complex

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  May 2017
No. 83