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May 2017, No. 83

National Iranian Steel Company at a Glance

National Iranian Steel Company (NISCO) has more than half a century experience in implementation, construction and management of steel and mineral plants. This company has historical credit and record at the international level in the field of steel industry.

Since its foundation, NISCO inherited the experience and knowledge of two important companies active in the steel industry. In 1358 (1979-1980), shortly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, National Iranian Steel Mill Company and National Iranian Steel Industries Company were merged and “National Iranian Steel Company” was created as the most specialized company active in the field of mining and steel industry in the country.

Since the beginning of its establishment up to 1380 (2001-2002), NISCO was active as the only specialized company in the field of management and directing steel plants as well as implementation of mineral and steel projects. Almost with no exception NISCO put all the major mineral and steel factories in the country into operation and exploitation. 

Some of the major steel, mineral, and subsidiary factories that were put into operation are as follows: 

A: Steel-making factories

Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company

Khuzestan Steel Company

Alloy Steel Company

Khorasan Steel Company

Azarbaijan Steel Company

Hormozgan Steel Company, and… 

B: Mineral units put into operation by NISCO:

Chadormalu Mineral and Industrial Co.

Golgohar Mineral and Industrial Co.

Iran Central Iron Ore Company

C: In addition, many coal and subsidiary units have been put into operation by NISCO.

In 1379 (2000-2001) under Article 6 of the law on concentration of industry and mining affairs, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) was formed. After establishment of IMIDRO, National Iranian Steel Company as one of its main affiliates assumed the responsibility of implementation of development projects and supervision over exploitation of steel units, including implementation of seven provincial projects namely Sepid Dasht Steel of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Neyriz Steel, Shadegan Steel, Miyaneh Steel, Qaenat Steel, Sabzevar Steel and Baft Steel plans. 

Current Activities of National Iranian Steel Company

The plan for the development of the country’s steel industry in the 1404 (2025) Vision Plan is based on increasing the production capacity of crude steel up to 55 million tons in order to achieve the so called objective. The following major responsibilities are expected from NISCO:

  •  Implementation of development projects with emphasis on management and accumulation of experience and knowledge and helping localization of the country’s steel industry

  •  Study and survey for compilation of the landscape and macro programs of the steel industry

  •  Definition of investment packages and new projects in the steel chain for reaching production of 55 million tons of crude steel in the 1404 (2025) horizon

  •  Assisting to attract domestic and foreign investors for steel chain projects in line with realization of targets of 1404 (2025) Vision Plan

  •  Monitoring balanced implementation of the comprehensive steel plan in Iran in the steel industry chain, and…

Generally speaking, the most important topics of NISCO activities at present is helping to activate and operate the seven mentioned projects, assisting to determine targets and operation map of the steel industry chain and balanced development of the steel chain through compilation of comprehensive steel plan of Iran, empowering the employees and specialists assigned to the headquarters for fulfillment of their missions, helping to attract domestic investment and assisting to attract foreign investment especially in the post-sanctions era, conducting studies and surveys for the establishment of new steel units, making efforts for concentration of steel units, paying attention to environmental issues, maximum use of the private sector for the implementation of development projects, study and survey for the establishment of the required industrial and mining units with appropriate technology and design of the production lines in order to create competitive advantage for reaching production capacity of 55 million tons of crude steel in 1404 (2025) horizon.

In this regard, the first direct reduction project plan of Sepid Dasht Steel in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, out of the seven mentioned projects, became operational on November 8, 2016.

It should be noted that six provincial plans, with the participation of the private sector, and Miyaneh Steel Plan, directly by National Iranian Steel Company, are under implementation.

At present the projects are being implemented at an acceptable speed and their reduction units will gradually be put into operation from the early months of the year 1396 (2017-2018).

In addition, in an effort to adopt an integrated and logical policy in the steel industry chain, the comprehensive steel industry plan was compiled by National Iranian Steel Company in 1393 (2014-2015) and was updated in 1394 (2015-2016) and 1395 (2016-2017) and targets of the steel chain up to the 1404 (2025) Vision Plan for reaching a production capacity of 55 million tons were specified and determined as a guideline and road map for the steel industry for the balanced development of the steel chain up to 1404 (2025) horizon. National Iranian Steel Company each year by determining annual projects takes effective targeted steps for the realization of the above-mentioned targets and in line with the macro strategy of the steel industry and industrial development of the country.

National Iranian Steel Company

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  May 2017
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