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May 2017, No. 83

Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company

Mehdi Ghadami, Managing Director of Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Co. 

Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Company, one of the independent companies of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), is the largest gold bullion producing company in Iran and the beneficiary of Zarshouran gold mines that is located about 40 km northeast of Takab in West Azarbaijan Province in an area about 37 square km in a distance of 7 km from the Zarshouran Village.

Mining in Zarshouran has a long history. The old gold deposit and ancient monuments about gold washing in this area is indicative of the gold history and exploitation activity in this region. In the historical books and manuscripts remaining from the past reference has been made to this issue in several cases. Historical evidence is indicative of the existence of gold and realgar mining since the Sassanid era.

Exploration and equipment of Zarshouran gold mines and construction of the factory -which had previously been known as one of the important sources of realgar by IMIDRO started in early 1389 (2011) and was finished in the month of Azar (November/December) 1393 (2014). The complex was officially inaugurated by the first vice-president.

With the signing of the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) and the opening up of the international atmosphere, foreign experts and contractors from different countries expressed willingness to participate in Zarshouran mining projects and have been in contact with us for participation in the development plans for increasing the feed input level by 600 thousand tons. In fact, by using the opportunity created in the post-sanctions period, we managed to open and conduct the necessary technical and engineering amendments.

With the expansion of exploratory operations in Zarshouran gold mines by implementing over 20,000 meters of core drilling, the reserve of the main mine has increased from 44 tons to about 108 tons of pure gold. Exploratory operations are still underway in new areas. The amount of mine extraction mentioned in the operation permit with the amendments of the Supreme Mining Council is an average of 600,000 tons per year which due to the explorations conducted and the need of the factory will increase to over 660,000 tons annually. The mine is extracted in surface stair form with the tailings ratio of one to ten. The life span of the mine in the first phase is estimated at over 15 years. The optimal height of the final stairs of the mine is 10 meters. Also, the appropriate width of the mine is six meters and the angle of the safety slope is between 30 and 37 degrees.

The purpose of the construction of the factory for gold extraction in the first phase is annual production of three tons of gold and 600 kilos of silver. With the full operation of the complex in this deprived region, more than 300 people have been employed directly and over 2500 indirectly.

Zarshouran gold extraction factory has seven main units and a number of subsidiary ones. These units include: crushing and homogenization, milling, oxidation, leaching, elution, gold room and filtration together with carrying tailings accumulation and side sections. 

Development Programs

In this section, the complex follows up the following programs:

1- Optimization of the factory processing system by focusing on increasing efficiency

2- Conducting reverse engineering and manufacturing all parts and equipment of the factory

3- Review and feasibility study of accompanied metals (titanium and antimony) and separation and extraction of arsenic

4- Cooperation with higher education centers for implementation of student projects

5- Conducting geometallurgy studies

6- Establishment of research and gold studies center in the country

7- Conducting new discoveries in pristine areas around the mine

8- Feasibility studies for extraction of construction stone reserves available near the mine

9- Nano-processing studies for the production of colloidal silver nanoparticles

10- Development phase of the factory 

Development Plan

The most important plan for the development of the complex is establishment of phase II of the factory for the gold extraction at two tons per year. With the operation of the development phase, the complex will be capable of producing more than five tons of gold per year.

We are ready to implement the aforementioned development plans in an effort to enter into negotiations with investors and creditable technology owners of the world through IMIDRO.


Zarshouran Gold Mines and Mineral Industries Development Co. 

Address: Second floor, No. 56, the beginning of eastern Shahid Mousa Kalantari St.,

Sepahbod Gharani St., Tehran, Iran

Tel: 021-88843877

Fax: 021-88845604



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