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January 2017, No. 82

Trade & Business

Nematzadeh, Zeybeckci Discuss
Preferential Trade Agreement

Turkish economy minister announced efforts for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two sides.

Turkish Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci visited Tehran early November and met with top Iranian officials to discuss boosting cooperation in the industrial, mining and agricultural sectors.

In a meeting with the Turkish minister, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said, “Since the beginning of 2015 preferential trade was launched between the two countries and this increased the volume of exports of the two countries.”

Stating that based on the latest talks it was decided to add 15 items to the export list of preferential trade of the two sides, Nematzadeh added, “By the end of 2016, negotiations will be held about 75 new commodities for the development of exports between the two countries, increasing the total number of the goods to 200.”

The minister announced agreement of the two sides for elimination of some customs tariffs and said during the session it was decided that the two countries pay attention to items that are useful and important for the two countries such as petrochemicals.

He referred to the constructive talks with the Turkish side for the solution of the existing problems in customs terminals and reduction of the time for transfer of cargo to both countries and said the Turkish minister promised to remove the obstacles in this regard.

The Turkish minister in the session referred to the interest of his country in increasing items in preferential trade list to 200 and said products that are in the list of preferential trade will not be subject to specific customs safeguards.

He said, based on the agreement reached between the two presidents for increasing the volume of bilateral trade to $30 billion per year, although trade volume has reduced in the world, efforts should be made for the realization of this figure by increasing the number of commodities in preferential trade list.

He pointed to the opening of Turkey’s trade offices in different countries and said the first Turkish trade bureau will be opened in Tehran in a near future.

The Turkish economy minister also announced efforts for the expansion of banking cooperation between the two sides and added that memoranda of understanding had been signed before and planning should be made for their implementation and strengthening of bilateral banking relations.


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  January 2017
No. 82