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September 2017, No. 85


Great Achievements

Dr. Razmkhah was awarded a statue, a certificate, a golden head statue, and a management plaque of honor, in the Congress on High Medal of National Production.

Dr. Saeed Razmkhah (Senior Consulting Editor, Iran International) is an expert in oil, gas and petrochemical industry, scholar and researcher, with close to 30 years of experience in the field. He has presented over 30 professional and research papers in international events on Iran’s achievements in oil and petrochemical industry.

He delivered a speech at PETRONAS Company of Malaysia on “Iran’s Oil Industry Status by 2025” in which he outlined the development plans of the industry.

Razmkhah is currently active as a member and vice chairman of Petro Olefin Fanavaran Petrochemical Company, senior advisor to the managing director of Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC), and director of international relations of this company, and member of the board of directors of Petrochemical Industries Erection and Construction Company.

Over the past three decades, by working on different oil and petrochemical industry projects such as chlorine-alkali of Mahshahr and Abadan, liquids separation unit, EDC (NF), para-xylene, aromatic, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) of Mahshahr, GF and SF units of Abadan refinery, phases 1 and 3 of Abadan refinery, urea and ammonia of Bojnourd, urea and ammonia 1 and 2 of Assalouyeh, pressure boosting platforms of Abuzar and Bahregansar and other units for the development of the industry, he has made efforts to register documents on the technical sections of the projects for the use of experts and the coming generations in this industry.

He also had the honor to receive the second rank in applied sciences from the Kharazmi Festival due to his contribution to the aromatic project. In 1393 (2014-15), he received the statue and trophy of the 50th anniversary of the petrochemical industry. In 1396 (2017-18), Dr. Razmkhah was awarded a statue, a certificate, a golden head statue, and a management plaque of honor, in the Congress on High Medal of National Production.

Iran International would like to congratulate Dr. Razmkhah on all his achievements and wish him all the best.

Seyed Hussein Sanaei


Certificate of Appreciation
is awarded to

Dr. Said Razmkhah

CEO Advisor, PIDEC and Board of Directors Member, Petro Olefin Fanavaran

Undoubtedly, there is no limit to progress in the country’s commerce and industry. Paving this way requires a tremendous amount of belief, commitment and cooperation towards continuous progress. Indeed, achieving this objective requires application of successful production patterns, along with utilization of the hidden potential resources. Real entrepreneurs aim at gathering all resources to make a society based on justice, virtues, and cooperation.

With appreciation to all your efforts in the current economic downturn, we take this opportunity to honor your participation in The Excellent Award National Production Congress.

IR of Iran’s Center for
Research and Training in Management

Executive Secretariat of
The Excellent Award National Production Congress


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  September 2017
No. 85