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September 2017, No. 85

Mines & Metals

Iron Ore Rich Sirjan Welcomes Foreign Investment

With regard to the descriptions offered and the amount of mineral deposits in Iran, one could hope for the presence of foreign investors.

Engineer Saeed Pirmoradi, Managing Director of Sirjan Iron Ore Complex, speaking in an interview with Iran International Magazine, underlined the role of iron in the Resistance Economy and the importance of foreign investment in mining projects. Excerpts of the interview follow: 

Please outline the role of iron ore in the Resistance Economy.

Iran, by possessing 64 types of mineral substances and over 37 billion tons of proven rich mineral reserves is among world’s 15 top mine owners. These giant mineral reserves while creating a strong backing for foreign investment can play a significant role in the realization of the goals of the Resistance Economy. Twelve percent of the Iranian territory is placed on the belt of the mineral and fundamental elements such as iron, copper and zinc among which the giant iron ore mines like other mines can play a great role in increasing the share of mines in the gross national product and creation of direct and indirect job opportunities. 

Please describe the position of Sirjan Iron Ore in the mines and metals group.

Estimation of the total iron ore production in the country in 1395 (2016-2017) has been approximately 48 million tons. This is while the production of the crude iron ore of all iron ore mines of Gol Gohar in Sirjan in the same year was 20.57 million tons. Therefore, the share of Gol Gohar mines in the production of iron ore in the country is significant and outstanding. 

Does Sirjan Iron Ore Complex in its activities pay attention to the environment? If so, please mention the most important cases.

Indeed, one of the main priorities of Iranian Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and Iran Mineral Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) is the question of HSE and this complex in line with the upstream policies and HSE instructions attached to the contracts, has placed follow-up of production and extraction of minerals with maximum protection of the environment on the agenda. Currently one of the ongoing projects of the complex is study on the water in Mine 2 and plans to turn it into irrigation water as well as identification of the plant species compatible with the region. 

Do you have a message on the presence of foreign investors in mines and metals projects in Iran?

With regard to the descriptions offered and the amount of mineral deposits in Iran, one could hope for the presence of foreign investors. These giant and diverse reserves of mineral substances, along with availability of abundant energy resources, presence of expert and efficient manpower, access to the 400-million-people market in the region, all and all could encourage foreign investors for presence in Iran. Of course, cases such as development of the infrastructures, reform and stability of the rules and regulations, and offering proper guarantees to the foreign partner are among priorities for the attraction of investors which should be taken into further consideration. 

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  September 2017
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