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September 2017, No. 85


Mideast’s First Mini-World Park
under Construction in Iran

Middle East’s first and the world’s fourth mini-world park, a tourist attraction that features miniature buildings and monuments of various parts of the world, is being constructed in Malayer, in western Iran.

The theme park contains about 138 reproductions of some of the most famous national and international historical buildings and tourist attraction sites in the world squeezed into a 48-hectare piece of land, said Malayer Mayor Alireza Emami.

The theme park includes 102 national and 36 international historical buildings. The reproductions will be 10 times smaller than the original ones.

Among the foreign architectural monuments and buildings due to be reproduced in the miniature park are the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Egyptian pyramids, India’s Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

The Iranian historical buildings, structures and sites to be reproduced in the park also include Si-o-se Pol (Bridge of Thirty-Three Arches), Imam Square (both in the historical city of Isfahan), Persepolis, the Tomb of Hafez (both located in the southwestern Iranian province of Fars), Azadi Tower (in Tehran), the Tombs of Baba Taher and Avicenna (both in Hamadan Province).

The park has no counterpart in Iran and the Middle East. The other world miniature parks, however, include ‘Tobu World Square’ in Japan, the ‘Mini-Europe’ miniature park in Belgium, and ‘The Window of the World’ in the People’s Republic of China.

Malayer’s Kouhsar Recreation and Tourism Complex will incorporate the features used in the design and construction of the “Mini-Europe” in Brussels, the Belgian capital city.

The lake designed in this project is the largest artificial lake in the country next to Azadi artificial lake, Emami said adding, world known falls such as Niagara Falls are designed to be constructed on the wall lake.

So far, more than 70 percent of the welfare facilities of the mini-world project (A Window to the World) have been completed and about 30 percent of the historical monuments and tourist attraction sites of Iran and the world prepared, he said. The mayor added that the remaining structures are being constructed.

He noted that the construction of the international project kicked off in 2008 and some 200 billion rials of credit have been predicted for its implementation.

Emami mentioned attraction of domestic and foreign tourists, expansion of tourism industry, extending tourists’ visits from the average four hours to eight hours, per capita income of the citizens and attraction of foreign capitals as the main objectives of implementing this project.

Malayer is the second largest city of Hamedan Province and has been approved as the tourism village in the west of the country because of having moderate mountainous nature, forests and dense and protected jungles and areas as well as rich orchards.

It is believed that as a window to the world, the theme park will attract more travelers to Malayer, which has earned a national reputation for its rugs and popular parks.


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  September 2017
No. 85