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January 2018, No. 86


White Cane Safety Day Commemorated

“The White Cane Institute is engaged in scientific and rehabilitation activities and considering its statutes, all its services are free.”

The commemoration of the White Safety Cane Day was held on 19 October 2017, at the Convention Center of the National Library of Iran organized by the White Cane Institute.

The ceremony marked the 28th anniversary of the event, which is held jointly by the National Library of Iran and the Welfare Organization, on October 15 every year.

A film produced by the White Cane Institute, was broadcast during the ceremony, which dealt with the activities of the institute and honored its late founder Mohammad Reza Nameni. In another part of the program the film “Color World” directed by Mohammad Reza Shahbani Nouri was screened. The film was the result of several months of efforts by this successful TV and cinema producer. It showed how the blind described their impression of their surrounding with regard to colors. At the end of the ceremony, the film “The Land of Iran” directed by the Gardeshgari (Tourism) Bank, a financial sponsor of White Cane Day ceremonies, was shown.

Mohammad Etemad, managing director and chairman of the board, commented on the last year performance of the body and noted: “The White Cane Institute is engaged in scientific and rehabilitation activities and considering its statutes, all its services are free.”

Etemad referred to the small space of the Institute and expressed hope that with the support of benevolent organizations and people, it could provide more services to blind people and those with low visibility.
The next program was a musical performance with tambourine.

Meanwhile, deputy director of the Welfare Organization, Dr. Hossein Nahvi Nejad expounded on the special problems the blind are faced with and cited the plans of the organization to improve the status of the blind.

An address by Engineer Seraj received the applause of the audience, including art and culture authorities.

Poems about blindness composed in honor of the late Nameni were read out by blind poetess Parya Tashakori which added to the joy of the audience.

Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Doaie, Managing Director of Ettelaat daily and the representative of the Supreme Leader attends the White Cane Safety Day ceremonies every year.

Addressing the ceremony, Doaei praised the intellectual status of these loved ones in the religion of Islam and in the society.

Performing national and patriotic songs by the Institute’s 22-member hymn group was one of the most popular programs of the event.

In this section, several of the guests were placed alongside the band and gave them prizes awarded by the institute with a bunch of flowers.   

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  January 2018
No. 86