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June 2018, No. 87


Main Indicator of Productivity

Deputy minister of industry, mine and trade and chief executive officer of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) said that according to data made public, the share of mines and mining industries in non-oil exports is 23 percent. He also said that non-oil exports fetched the country $45 billion.

Dr. Mehdi Karbasian said absorbing $250 billion in foreign resources under the Sixth Development Plan (2017/18 – 2021/22) is imperative. He noted that the growth rate of 8% has been projected in the years of the Sixth Development Plan, adding that the mines and mining industries expect a growth of 9.3%. He said one-third of this figure will be realized out of productivity.

Karbasian said the economy’s dependence on oil revenues is a cause of low productivity, noting that this reliance ends up to a lack of concern for the industry, trade, and so on.

He stressed that the country has failed to use petrodollars in the path of excellence and growth, noting that Iran does not enjoy the international status it deserves today. Therefore, the country should work and struggle more to prove it is powerful and capable.

The IMIDRO CEO added: “Our economy which has been shaped based on the oil money has suffered from low productivity due to political motivations.”

He added: “The fact that should be admitted is that there is a shortage in Iran compared to the rest of the world in scientific terms; there is also a serious technological gap; this is while with our rich oil and gas resources and manpower, we can make good progress in the area of productivity.”

He recalled the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Report (2017-18) which put Iran’s position at 69 out of 137 countries, stressing that the figure stood at 76 a year earlier.

According to the IMIDRO CEO, the main indicator of productivity is business facilitation and that the public should be made aware of this. China, which did not have significant growth three decades ago, is now among the top three in the world in terms of growth, he noted.

Karbasian said that the productivity issue would not be resolved by awarding prizes, but that attention should be paid to all aspects of mining and mineral industries.


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  June 2018
No. 87