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June 2018, No. 87

Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism
in Tehran

Medical tourism and dentistry and its affordable costs as well as the high expertise of Iranian dentists are the advantages Iran enjoys compared to other countries of the region and even some European countries in the field of health tourism.

Medical tourism with regard to the beautiful and spectacular places of Iran can be one of the goals of tourism, especially for patients from different countries to visit our country.

Dentistry in Iran has made remarkable progress in recent years. Iranian dental initiatives and services have led many Iranians living abroad or some European citizens and our neighbors in the Persian Gulf states to travel to Iran for treatment.

Dr. Fatemeh Esmi is among young, innovative and creative dentists who have been able to gain a decent position among other colleagues in recent years.

Dr. Esmi has three patent certificates in the field of dental equipment and is recipient of the Islamic Republic of Iran Achievement Award.

She specializes in dental restoration and tooth crown buildup as well as cosmetic dentistry. Other dental specialties and services such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, implants, gum treatment and endodontic treatment are, however, provided by her colleagues.    


Office Address: No. 472, After Saraf Dead-end,

Dolat Street, Shariati Ave., Tehran - Iran

Tel: 021-22603076, 22601743

Instagram ID: dr.fateme.esmi


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  June 2018
No. 87