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June 2019, No. 91


Iran’s Mineral Products
Fetch $20 Billion Annually

“The value of mineral products is at least $20 billion annually, which is not a small amount,” said the minister of industry, mine and trade, emphasizing a leap in the mines and mining industry sector. “On the other hand, if we were not able to produce these products domestically, we should have imported them while we did not have the conditions to do so.”

Addressing a meeting of the “Resistance Economy” HQ, Reza Rahmani further noted: “There is a huge capacity in the mines and mining industry sector, and the development of this sector is the ministry’s priority this year.”

Rahmani added that the mineral revolution will result from change of thought and discourse, and in this regard IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization) and the office of deputy industry, mine and trade minister in charge of mines and mining industry must get involved and in the field of information and media too culture building is required.

He said the mines sector has the capacity to earn as much as the oil sector and could replace the industry, noting that, unlike oil, the mines sector is less affected by the sanctions. Therefore, investing in this field and producing value added products can bring prosperity and employment to the country.

Rahmani, emphasizing that mine exploration is prioritized, said production begins at the discovery stage and this year we need to strengthen this sector.

Referring to the exploration and renovation scheme of mines, the minister said, “We must work in this area with the ministry’s budgets and, where we face problems, we must look for other ways such as using the National Development Fund, publication of participation bonds and so on.”

Implementation of the mines and mining industry development roadmap, execution of the project for the development of exploratory activities, the project for rehabilitation, activation and development of mines of small scale (150 mines), the project to complete the value chain of basic metals, and equipping and renovating mines in the country are the highlights of the plans of the minister of industry, mine and trade for the mines sector in 1398 (2019/20), which were reviewed in the presence of relevant directors and their deputies.


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  June 2019
No. 91